Elixir d’Anvers has its own music library with hundreds of scores that came to us in various ways. Often these were also scores that were languishing in dust in attics or cellars. Because Art Deco music had a lively music scene in Belgium in the period 1920-1940, with most of the music being published, the ensemble was convinced that there still must be a wealth of scores in Belgian attics and cellars.

On the occasion of our twentieth anniversary in 2012, Elixir d’Anvers has therefore started a search for early music scores through the media. To our great surprise, this resulted in a collection of almost 150 scores! This led to our Music in the Attic programme. This program then grew into Belgian Chocolates with exclusively Belgian music.

We put together a suite ourselves with 4 compositions from the music that came from the attics: Suite au grenier. Four fine compositions by forgotten composers that can once again be in the sunlight for a while. This suite is a small representation of how the music may have sounded on the Belgian stages of the shows and revues in the interwar period.

Further explanation of the 4 works can be found under the submenu of Suite au grenier

sources of texts and photos : https://wordpress.com/page/artdecomusic.be/1547