Ludovic or Ludo Langlois (Quevaucamps 1904 – Brussels 1973), also known under the pseudonyms Dearly and Paule Muray, became famous with Elle danse le charleston, Elle a mis son smoking and Valse d’amour, hits which he wrote with his brother Théo, among others. . He directed several Brussels venues, brasseries and theatres, including the Théâtre de la Gaîté. Langlois wrote many successful songs, including for the successful singer Tohama. Mady has various American influences. The intro is written in close harmony that opens fully, so it can be played by a big band. This composition is a song with a wide chorus, a moving verse and back the chorus. The chorus has the typical AABA song form that we find in many jazz songs. The verse uses the periodic form abac, which we also find in Gershwin’s Summertime.

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