Henri (Hubert) Mouton was born on November 17, 1872 in Liège, and died on September 4, 1954. In the online Database of Belgian Composers we find a small private collection of his works. No further reliable information about Mouton could be found. If you can help us further, we would like to hear from you.

version française

Lise et Lucas is a Historiette, a small musical story, a short piece of program music, originally composed for a small chamber orchestra. In a lively and playful introduction, our two main characters enter the picture. The first character is a lightly dancing and lively Grazioso ABA particle. Who would it be, Lise or Lucas? A second character is much calmer, lyrical, almost rural. To round out the story, both characters return briefly. Did they find each other?

sources of texts and photos : https://wordpress.com/page/artdecomusic.be/1547