Caludi is the pseudonym of Chrétien Rogister (1884-1941). He is a Walloon violinist and composer. He came from a family of musicians from Liège. His father was a flutist, and he and his brothers studied at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège: Jean was a violist and composer, Fernand hornist and composer, and Hubert a cellist.

version française

Caludi sings of the character traits of Lisette in this late romantic Sérénade in several successive movements. An open and inviting introduction gently introduces Lisette, before making them dance in a fresh Allegretto. A slightly naughty Scherzando is followed by a passionate and powerful Animato. A reminiscence of the intro takes us back to the dancing Lisette, right up to the end. Caludi manages to create a unity through the different characters by reviving and combining short motifs.

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