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Elixir d’Anvers plays recreational music from the Art Deco period (1920-1939). Music to please, always particularly sophisticated. A genre which switches between art music and decorative music, between classical music and jazz, between European and exotic music.

This music has its origins in the classic salon music of the 19th century. Eagerly savoured in the many salons, spas, restaurants, home concerts… it also found a place of its own in the concert halls. In the 20th century it was influenced, and gradually supplanted, by musicals and jazz. After the Second World War it finally disappeared from the scene altogether because of the rapidly growing rock and pop.

Unforgettable music, yet still somewhat forgotten after a century or so… Elixir d’Anvers wishes to reinstate this distinct musical genre. The quintet only selects the finest musical nuggets from its extensive library of yellowed sheet music. This original repertoire is supplemented further by the house composers Peter Schuermans and Martin Valcke, with their contemporary view of this art deco music.

Elixir d’Anvers. A tribute to refined poignancy and uncomplicated gaiety.